Frequently asked questions

What is Letrapedia?
Letrapedia is like a library of cante flamenco. It is a place where we all can listen and learn and share our knowledge about cante with others. Letrapedia is a growing portal dedicated to cante flamenco. Letrapedia primarily focuses on cante and its diffrent styles of each palo. The ultimate goal of Letrapedia is to serve as a comprehensive encyclopedia of cante flamenco.

Why is Letrapedia unique?
Because of its simplicity. Just find the style you want using the Letrapdia Tree (on the right) or the Smart Search Feature and listen until you learn.

Who can use Letrapedia?
Letrapedia is designed for every person who is eager to learn cante flamneco: aficionados, singers, guitarists, dancers, professors, students, artists of othere musical genres interested in flamenco, and etc.

Is Letrapedia Free?
Letrapedia is 100% Free.

How can I Donate and Support Letrapedia?
Just choose the Donation and Support in the Top Menu.

Can I contribite content to Letrapedia?
Absolutely. Infact that is Letrapedia’s main objective: to provoke collective contribution. Just go to the  Contribute Content in the Top Menu.

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